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For Matchfit Users

Find fitting training partners
Organize group training & create sports events
Find the best gyms and coaches near you

For Gyms on Matchfit

Help your members form connections and improve their training experience
Create connections between your members
Get found by your market
Facilitate a better training experience

For Coaches on Matchfit

Reach new clients
Share coaching material

Improving Member Experience and Boosting Member Retention!

MatchFit helps gyms connect their members
so they can find training partners, organize workouts, and create a community.

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For Individuals


Use our advanced filters to find the best training partners at your gym and in your city!


Organize trainings with group chats and events

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Find the best coaches and gyms in your city and when you travel!

For Gym's

MatchFit helps Gyms connect their members to improve member experience and achievement!


Make a profile for your gym where members can connect, start group chats, and organize trainings while creating a community at your gym

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Members can make group chats to organize trainings and engage with similar members

MatchFit-Gym contact

Get found by your target market through search, and through members who link your gym to their profile!

MatchFit was created to help gym members connect to improve their workout experience and fitness outcomes.
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Your Gym’s Social Network,
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